Copyist. is launching soon!

This is exciting! is launching soon! Please visit us at to check out the latest developments!

I started this project because I was frustrated with the existing ways to share music (primarily PDFs) with musicians. Previously, it’s been a chaotic, manual chore to deal with e-mail attachment, Dropbox and FTP-like services.

It was bad enough just dealing with my own music and the revolving cast of musicians for each gig or session. But add to that, the flow of incoming music for the other projects I’m involved in…  Well, it was always a struggle to find, organize and remember to bring music along to gigs.

Why? In this modern day of technology overload, surely there’s a better way. Well…ahem…I think I’ve built it! 🙂 is a secure web site (built with the latest/greatest security tools) where we can save off-site copies of our precious scores, parts and demo audio. 

That by itself is a great thing – a backup service that gives you peace of mind that you’ll always have access to your works. But it also organizes and understands the relationships between scores and parts.

And also makes it easy to share music with others. It automates e-mail notifications and provides iOS and Android apps so musicians can simply synchronize their music onto their mobile devices.

That last bit might be worth repeating: musicians can simply use our app (on iPhones, iPads or Android devices) and they’re ready for the gig!

That’s just the beginning. I have many more automation features under active development and we look forward to sharing details about those in the near future!

Great! I look forward to serving you!


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