Scalar and ScaleTrainer app updates

I got some great user feedback about Scalar and this update attempts to help make using the app a lot easier. I fell into the trap of providing too many user settings, too much flexibility instead of a strong, easy to use interface. Regrettable. Sorry about that.

But the fix is in! Scalar and ScaleTrainer share some code which made it rather easy to introduce a series of screens to launch an exercise. A wizard, in software parlance. Ok, I know. Wizards are so 1990s! But in this case, I think it’s the right answer. When you go to start an exercise, the app guides you through the setup (single scale or set of scales? root movement? starting note?)

I hope you’ll agree this makes the app easier to use for first-time and long-time users, by making setup choices obvious.

Thank you for your support and please enjoy the updates!

Scalar on the iPhone and iPad App Store

Scalar on the Mac App Store

Scale Trainer on the iPhone and iPad App Store

Basic ear training with Scalar

The initial versions of Scalar were clearly designed for advanced students and professionals. With the latest update, we added basic triads. Ok, we probably should have started with these but…well…sometimes you just excited a write the advanced features first. It’s more fun!

Anyway, to work with just triads press on Ear Training or Practice buttons. While there, press the Settings icon in the upper-right corner. Scroll down a bit and select the triads you want and deselect the other chords.

Now your exercises will be using triads. It’s fun to add more advanced chords to the mix later on and incrementally improve your ear training skills.

Have fun!