Scale Assistant launches!

Another app to make your practicing more fun! This time for wood-shedding your scales.

I start every practice session with scales. Done right, it is the perfect warmup and a great way to stay in shape. I find scale practice to be a nice combination of habit and challenge. The habit part is great for quickly getting into the “zone.” Play a few scales, feel the instrument, breathe…it’s an excellent way to get into the frame of mind and spirit. I like to keep things fresh by keeping it challenging. I have a few favorite exercises (scales in thirds, varying root movements, varying scale types, varying tempi, etc) that awaken my brain and keep my fingers challenged.

This new app is designed to help you learn, study and assimilate scales. It was developed to help musicians of any level maximize their practicing. You can start simple with a single scale, at a slow tempo. And incrementally complicate the settings until you are blowing through many different kinds of scales, in all keys, at challenging tempo.

While practicing scales, you can adjust tempo and transposition. Clicking the settings button (gear icon in the upper right) lets you select the kinds of scales and the type of exercise to work with. If you select multiple scale types, the app will generate the exercise with random scale types following the kind of chord progression you chose.

While practicing, your trusty scale assistant quietly tracks your progress. You can view the practice log to see which exercises you’ve been using and how your tempo progress has been evolving.

Happy Practicing!

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