Backup Basic for Musicians

Ho hum. Backup? What, me worry?

The challenge we all face is that the computer hard drive is the most unreliable piece of hardware there is. Sure, SSDs are about to change that but still there is a gamble with storing your precious music in digital form. Heck, there’s a gamble when storing in any medium: paper, CD, DVD or a hard drive.

The best advice I can offer is to have multiple copies of your scores, parts and audio. Not so many that you can’t find stuff when you need it! But it makes sense to have at least the working copies on your work computer, backed up to an external hard drive and also backed up securely on the Internet.

There are many Internet-based services for managing backups. You could quickly search and find a very long list of services. They all have their features and benefits. I strongly encourage you to use something to backup your work.

The risk of losing everything in the event of some natural disaster or even theft greatly outweighs any perceived risk of storing your work on the Internet. Do your homework and make sure that your backup provider is secure and reliable.

At we strongly believe that a sound backup is just the beginning. At this point in time, it’s the bare minimum. That’s why we built a very solid foundation for your files. And then took it to the next level by adding convenience and automation features on top of that. Our basic guiding principle is one of figuring out how we can automate as much of the production process as possible. We try to eliminate redundant effort and minimize extra work.

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