Mellowing demo

I’m considering putting together my new project “in the open” (as it’s called in software development). I don’t mean that it’s “open source” as in FREE but rather that I’d like to include YOU in the process of creating this project.

I’ve already posted a few photos from our session in August. Perhaps you’d like to see and hear some of the source material and listen to the transformation that takes place when a composition comes to life. So here I’m posting a new tune, Mellowing, as both a score and a link to the demo MP3. Once I finish mixing the “final” track I’ll post here about where to get it.

The demo MP3 can be found at

Thanks for participating!

Feel free to drop a comment or suggestion about how you’d like to see this take place.

Download now or preview on posterous

Mellowing.pdf (133 KB)

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