Photos from Aspect Jazz recording session in Aug, 2008

We had a great recording session in August, recording some brand new music. I’m working on the tracks now in my studio but wanted to share some photos from the session. Richard Bock did an amazing job making us look good – in spite of the bizarre green-painted floor in the studio. The truth is that the studio is mainly a video studio where the green does a good job for masking the weather map (or other graphics) behind the person. However, for us, it left this odd green shading.

Anyway, the music turned out great. We played a gig in Madison the night before. Bopped up to Brett Huus’ studio for the session and had great fun cranking out the music. Musicians included Tom Gullion (saxophone and alto flute), David Cooper (trumpet and flugelhorn), Tim Whalen (piano), Mark Urness (bass) and Dane Richeson (drums).

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