Ernie Adams Worldtet

Mar 30th and 31st I’ll be performing at the Velvet Lounge with percussionist/drummer phenom Ernie Adams. Ernie and I have been talking about this project for a while and we’re so pleased it’s finally coming to life! Joining us will be a cast of creative musicians from Chicago: James Sanders (violin), Zvonmir Tot (guitar), Dale Prasco (guitar) and Josh Ramos (bass).

I’ll be debuting my “new” vintage tenor and soprano saxophones. I’m letting my trusty (and much beloved) Selmer Mk VI tenor take a rest. For some reason, I’m really enjoying playing two Conn saxophones I recently acquired: a 1926 tenor and a 1927 soprano. I’m really digging the sound quality of these horns and as a result the music that comes out my horns has changed a bit too. I’ll also be playing bass clarinet and assorted flutes (especially alto flute).

As always, I’ll keep posting details about this project. Hopefully we’ll get some video snippets I can post and share with you.

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