Unexpected learning about live music

I just got back from a week in Prague. Beatiful city! And I had the good fortune to sit-in with Prague saxophonist, František Kop ( http://www.kopjazz.cz/ ) at a really good jazz club, U Maleho Glena ( http://www.malyglen.cz ). I highly recommend checking both out the next time you’re in Prague!

Anyway, after leaving the gig I was talking with a friend and he said “Now I get it. You have to listen to jazz live.” Yes! That’s it!

Of course, many of us already know this but it struck as one of those profound little gems that help you discover new meaning in music. Jazz is all about the live experience. It is at its best in the jazz club. Recordings are never fully able to recreate the experience.

I think that popular music is quite the opposite. Live performances are mainly in support of the recording. The main intention is to recreate the studio recording – often even including playing solos exactly as recorded!

To me, it’s all about playing live and that’s where I intend to put my energy. Real people listening to real musicians – all together “listening for music.” That’s what it’s all about.

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