Nice press for Carswell

Here’s a nice, brief writeup about the new CD, Carswell, from Jeff Berkwits over at the Illinois Entertainer.

“Imagine hanging out late one night at a smoke-stained jazz club like the Green Mill, listening to proficient players enjoying a fun jam session. That’s the intoxicating effect of Carswell, the latest 10-tune recording from sax-man Tom Gullion. While standout numbers include the energetically improvisational “Monkey’s Tale” and the evocative electric piano and flute of “Right On Time,” every cut is consistently captivating.”

Thanks Jeff for the great review. I know how difficult it is to condense thoughts into such a tight space but I think he did an excellent job.

I was also contacted by BRAVA magazine in Madison (a magazine for “women of style and substance”) that they’re recommending Carswell in their August issue. All right! All you “women of style and substance” need Carswell on your iPod. đŸ™‚

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