Aspects in the studio

We were wildly successful at the recent Driftless Jazz Festival 2008. The group chemistry was incredible: David Cooper on trumpet, Tom Gullion on saxophone, Tim Whalen on piano, Mark Urness on bass and Ernie Adams on drums. Almost everyone in the crowd (and even the musicians) were asking “Why aren’t you guys touring?”

Well, I intend to fix that immediately. We’re going into the studio in a couple of weeks to start a new recording and we’ll be working out tour details soon. I’m even thinking about starting up a small ArtistShare-like site so you can subscribe and be a part of the process. I have some raw video footage of our performances at the jazz festival and I’ll be posting excerpts here soon.

We’ll be producing videos of our recording sessions and I’ll even include charts as desired.

Peace be with ya!

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