the impact of online media options

I’ve been struggling with the growing trend in the US where people just tend to stay home. 🙁

We’ve grown into a society where we just don’t hang out anymore. Fast food, fast coffee (think Starbucks) and increasingly, fast entertainment. iTunes and the ubiquitous iPod have been increasing the rate with which we can go grab whatever media we want, when we want it.

On the one hand, this is fantastic! When I hear of a new recording, I can go preview it, buy it and listen to it almost immediately. Now with the introduction of TV and movies, we’re moving closer to that. And, of course, there’s YouTube which gives us a whole new genre of video entertainment: fanstastic “bootleg” videos of our favorite musicians (just search for “Eric Dolphy” or “Art Tatum” or “Woody Shaw” or “John Coltrane” or whoever – it’s truly amazing what’s lurking within that site).

But where is all this headed? The BBC recently posted an article asking that question. They’re already seeing an impact to “normal” TV watching.

The graphic shown here shows 43% of people are already choosing online or mobile video instead of normal TV. I like it! It means people are empowered to take a more active role in their entertainment – instead of passively just turning on the TV and watching whatever is on.

Maybe, if I dare to dream a bit, that will lead to more people seeking out live music, interacting with real people and getting a far more enriching experience!

It’s quite a dream, I know. But it’s one of my hopes for the future: where people grow weary of home entertainment and seek out something better: art museums, theatre, live music, performance art, etc.

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